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What We Are Up To! Atlanta Jazz Festival

Sister and I were reunited for some Memorial Day fun in Atlanta. We spent the better part of Saturday at the Atlanta Jazz Festival. In addition to taking in some music by some of our favorites including Ester Rada, Christian Scott and Russell Gunn featuring Dionne Farris, we got to check out and speak with some of the wonderful artists and vendors at the festival.

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DIY beauty: Solid perfume

IMG_3882“Being creative is not a hobby it’s a way of life” -Unknown

The wonderful thing about crafting is that once it becomes a habit you start to look at objects differently and constantly ask yourself “how can I use this?”. A few days ago I had a serendipitous moment where the stars aligned and a few ideas that had been brewing in the back of my head came together at once.

Kia and I had discussed a few DIY beauty project ideas (we’ve been inspired by all of the DIY natural beauty guru’s and somehow wanted to contribute) but a lot of the ideas felt forced. Completely unrelated, I personally had been looking for a fragrance for summer. I’m not a big perfume wearer but I wanted something light, natural and portable. And then, as I was walking through the quaint beach gift shop in town, I spied these small handmade shell cases and thought:

Shell case + perfume need + DIY beauty idea need= Solid perfume project!

No lie, that equation probably appeared over my head in one of those comic-style thought bubbles. Eureka! I rushed to the counter with my finds and ran home to start.

Fortunately I already had everything else I needed at home (read: supply hoarder). But here are the supplies:

  • Beeswax (100%)
  • a carrier oil such as jojoba, sweet almond, or vitamin E oil
  • essential oils of your choice
  • a small heat-safe bowl
  • saucepan
  • disposable mixing tool (preferably thin, like a straw… I used a wooden skew)
  • sealable container for your final product


First, place equal parts beeswax and carrier oil into a small bowl. The amount depends on the size of you final container but approximately 1 tablespoon of each is a good starting point.


Place the bowl in a saucepan containing water and place on high heat to boil until the wax is melted.


Remove the bowl from the hot water USING TONGS. You can’t apply solid perfume with scalded fingers, sweetheart.

While the mixture is still liquid, add 8-10 drops of essential oils of your choice and mix. I used a light Egyptian musk mixed mixed with a subtle tangerine but be creative and personal! A lot of natural food stores sell a variety of essential oils and commonly have testers that you can smell in-store. Open a few in combination in the store to see what you like before buying.


Once mixed (and still liquid) pour into your desired container. Choose a container that’s sealable/closable and has a wide opening for easy finger access. Allow the mixture 10-30 minutes to

cool and you have a solid perfume with a unique personal scent!

IMG_3879 IMG_3882

Afrofuturist Art by Sarah Golish

One of my recent obsessions has been the Afro-futurist movement. Combining science fiction and themes relevant to the African diaspora, Afrofuturism was spearheaded by the likes of Sun Ra in the 60s, brought to life by authors like Octavia Butler, and is living on through a new wave of writers, artists and filmmakers. So in keeping with those themes, Sara Golish has created an amazing series of work entitled Moondust.

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Craft Space Redo part 2: Glass Message Board


As you all can see from previous posts, I like message boards. Writing my ideas out in an area where I can visualize them every day helps to keep me organized. So I created this quick message board for my craft space to stay on track with projects!


  • Picture frame with glass (I chose a large size -16x20in)
  • Fabric
  • Chalk board pens
  • Scissors

Choose a fabric that you can easily see writing on. Tip: if you find a fabric you love but the pattern is too busy or the colors are too bright/dark, no worries! An overlay of tracing paper can be used to mute the pattern and help visualize the writing.


Cut the fabric to size to fit within the picture frame. Press the fabric to remove any wrinkles. Place the fabric within the frame and add padding to keep the fabric flat if necessary. There you have it! Chalk board pens or dry/wet erase markers can be used to write on the glass. Choose colors that pop!