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Inspired by Wax Prints

inspiredby_wax printOne thing that you might have noticed by now on our site is that my sister and I love wax print fabrics! These fun eclectic patterns are a welcomed change from the more common/ overused fabric motifs (Chevron, anyone?).

Wax print, also known as Dutch or Holland wax print, is a common textile used in West Africa featuring a variety of bold, bright and geometric repeating patterns. Originally created in Indonesia during the Dutch occupation, textile makers used the fabric dyeing technique Batik resulting in a unique and non reproducible appearance to each bolt of fabric that is still desired today. In West African countries, the imported fabrics grew in popularity, becoming markers of status and often incorporating symbols of historical or proverbial significance.

Within past years, wax print fabrics have become prominent within the international fashion scene and are more commercially used in home decor. These fabrics are fun to incorporate into crafting projects and are fairly easy to find in larger metropolitan areas, mainly at shops that specialize in African imports.  Here are a few items that use this amazing fabric:

1. Weekender African coffee sack/wax print bag by WREN designs

2. Wax print origami keepsakes by SisterBatik

3. Wax print lined vintage trunk by Blanche Dyls Design

4. Wingback wax print upholstered chair by Anthropologie

5. Wax print bib necklace by Nad205

Inspired by Egypt

From images of goddesses and gods, to scarab motifs, to geometric patterns, Egyptian influences have inspired arts and culture in so many ways. Even art deco and other architecture styles have heavy Egyptianinspiration. Every so many years, you’ll see a reemergence of Egyptian design trends, like now. So run, don’t walk like an egyptian to these local craftspeople.
1. One of many amazing paintings by Sheeba Maya.

2. From an Egyptian Painting.

3. Men’s Pharaoh’s Dream Sacred Geometry Egyptian Metatron Screen Printed Shirt Purple on Etsy.

4. Rose Gold is hot right now. Especially on this 18ct Rose Gold Plated Scarab Oval Bangle.

5. I want these Isis Egyptian Goddess Earrings.

Inspired by Afrofuturism

inspiredby_afrofuturismAfrofuturism is a cultural movement that combines concepts drawn from science fiction, history, surrealism, and fantasy applied to ideas of the

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African diaspora and spans literary and musical fields. The movement, thought to be first popularized by the artist Sun Ra, features works from writers such as Octavia Butler and musicians including Parliment Funkadelic, Betty Davis, Erykah Badu and Janelle Monae. Here are a few items inspired by the movement.

1. Egyptian style rattan chairs

2. “Think twice” by digital artist Paul Davey aka “Mattahan” . Find more of his work here.

3. Mixed media african influenced necklaces by Toubab

4. The works of Octavia Butler. My favorite is the Patternmaster series. Find out more about this wonderful author here.

5. Modernist Egyptian inspired concept furniture by Mahmoud Gamal

6. Jewelry inspired by Octavia Butler’s work by Rachel Stewart

Inspired by Sante Fe


Two week ago I say Erykah Badu DJ here in Atlanta, and OMG her set was incredible. She was wearing a fly Navajo inspired poncho, an incarnation of her latest persona. I love this look and all the Southwest inspired patterns and motifs I have been seeing around. Here’s a look at some recent finds.
1. Tribal Pillow Cover by 5c on Etsy. 2. Badu rocks an Aztec inspired poncho. 3. Hip tote bag by Monday Morning Studios on Etsy. 4. Southwestern inspired earrings by Misty Aurora on Etsy. 5. Doc Martens updated with sunset Aztec colors. 6. Aztec

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Dolman by eloges on Etsy.