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we heart crafts

Inspired by Wu Tang Clan

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since the release of the Wu-Tang clan’s epic album. Oh the memories…when Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) was released, I was riding around the campus of Florida A and M University pumping it from my Toyota Supra. (Did I just date myself? Yep). Never did I imagine that some 20 years later, I would be writing about crafts. So when my husband mentioned doing a post about Wu-Tang Clan on Craft Noire, I thought what do crafting and Wu_tang  have in common?  Imagine my surprise (delight) to have stumbled across so many Wu inspired crafts. Glad to know I’m not the only hip hop generation crafter. For more Wu-Tang history, check out the Wu-Tang Manual. Wu-Tang crafts aint nothing to F- with.

1. The ground breaking Wu Tang album cover.

2. Wu-Tang Forever Big Hoop Earrings by Jade Stone Jewelry

3. Original Rza art by dosecreative.

4. Wu Tang Lyric T-shirt by Akilakbe.

5. Wu-tang Brosary: protect ya neck v.2 by sstrange.

6. C.R.E.A.M embroidered hoop.

Inspired by 90’s Black TV

inspiredby_90's Black TV

Television, like most gen x-ers and millenials, was central to my formative years. During the 90’s there was a boom of shows centered around people of color which displayed positive representation of black culture. The Cosby Show and Family Matters showed positive families that people of any color could aspire to. A Different World to a look at college life from an HBCU standpoint, which I think both my sister and I imagined what our lives at FAMU and Tuskegee would be like. The list goes on; from Living Single, Moesha, Sister Sister, In Living Color, Martin, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Hanging with Mister Cooper and more, these shows were well produced, well acted, and relatable across cultures but commonly gave insight to the dreams and struggles of black people all while embracing the color and vibrancy of the 90’s. So here’s a tribute to some of our favorite 90’s black tv show’s.

1. This Proust Geometrica Chair automatically makes me think of the funky opening sequence of In Living Color!

2. Who doesn’t want Steve Urkel on their wall? Embroidered watercolor by Loveiswildlife

3. If you don’t know the theme song by heart we can’t be friends. Fresh Prince of Bel Air acrylic necklace by Von trash

4. Zulu hats bring up memories of Queen Latifah and Living Single. U-N-I-T-Y!

5. Yes, the Hillman Bookstore exists in real life! We are all alums, so go ahead and rock a Hillman sweatshirt and Dwayne Wayne glasses! 

Inspired by Rasta Culture


Lately, I have been really feeling Rasta culture. I love the rich history and culture along with the love inspired message. And music! In addition to the rich musical history of reggae by legendary artists like Bob marley and Burning Spear, there are a lot of new Rasta artists on the scene. If you haven’t gotten a chance check out this post, as well as the Bob Marley documentary for a great overview. And some of my favorite Rasta-inspired items here!

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Inspired by Geek Chic


Once upon a time, geek was not cool (flashes to late 80’s  scene..Kia and Erin in glasses and braces… high IQs, questionable style…. shudders). But just like geek style, thankfully, we came into our own.  And finally, beauty and brains comfortably reside in the same place. Case in point, these pieces from some of our indie favorites.
1. Get your inner librarian on with funky eyeglass chains by Colored Girls Hustle.

2. Reminds me of my high school yearbook photo. Colette print by Pairabirds.

3. Young Gifted and Black – is where it’s at. By Rachel Stewart.

4. Bow tie for geeky gals or guys. Made by Dope Crochet.

5. Pen your messages on these nerdy note cards. By Yvonne 4 Eyes.