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Mother’s Day Throwback – Vintage Decoupaged Plates

Since Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite gift ideas for this special day. When I worked in the craft industry, I had the pleasure of working with so many talented artists and crafters. One of my favorites of all time is  Cathie Fillian. A few years ago, I was inspired to do a series of plates honoring my favorite women after I saw a set of plates that Cathie created using Mod Podge.  I presented my parents and in-laws with these decoupaged plates honoring my two grandmothers and my husband’s grandmothers. I was lucky to find romantic, vintage pictures of each of the four women, that were then photocopied and paired with pretty scrapbook papers and cut out phrases that fit their personalities.

The first photo is of Eunice: My dad’s mom. She was the quintessential modern woman. Avid fisher, homemaker and an all-around lovely person. Erin’s antique re-do features her dressers.
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Inspired by Wu Tang Clan

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since the release of the Wu-Tang clan’s epic album. Oh the memories…when Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) was released, I was riding around the campus of Florida A and M University pumping it from my Toyota Supra. (Did I just date myself? Yep). Never did I imagine that some 20 years later, I would be writing about crafts. So when my husband mentioned doing a post about Wu-Tang Clan on Craft Noire, I thought what do crafting and Wu_tang  have in common?  Imagine my surprise (delight) to have stumbled across so many Wu inspired crafts. Glad to know I’m not the only hip hop generation crafter. For more Wu-Tang history, check out the Wu-Tang Manual. Wu-Tang crafts aint nothing to F- with.

1. The ground breaking Wu Tang album cover.

2. Wu-Tang Forever Big Hoop Earrings by Jade Stone Jewelry

3. Original Rza art by dosecreative.

4. Wu Tang Lyric T-shirt by Akilakbe.

5. Wu-tang Brosary: protect ya neck v.2 by sstrange.

6. C.R.E.A.M embroidered hoop.

Meet the Maker – Salkis Re

As you may have known, I have been putting out an all call on Twitter for artists and illustrators of color. I am so excited to have discovered several beautiful women artists that I plan to highlight here. When I first saw the big eyed darlings created by Salkis Re, I fell in love.


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Quick & Dirty Crafts – Fashionista Gift Wrap

Got a last minute gift to pull together, like for a BFF birthday party or a housewarming. I can’t help you with the gift…but I can show you a quick way to pull together a pretty package. Gather up some fashion magazines or photos of your friends and let’s go.


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