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Make It – Jewelry Holder

I have had a long existing issue with what I call my jewelry drawer. At one point it was manageable, but As my jewelry collection grew, it just became a mess. I can never find two earrings that match and I am always untangling necklaces and bracelets. So I decided to tackle the problem by creating a big girl jewelry holder that would display all my pieces. Here’s how:

What We Are Up To! Atlanta Jazz Festival

Sister and I were reunited for some Memorial Day fun in Atlanta. We spent the better part of Saturday at the Atlanta Jazz Festival. In addition to taking in some music by some of our favorites including Ester Rada, Christian Scott and Russell Gunn featuring Dionne Farris, we got to check out and speak with some of the wonderful artists and vendors at the festival.

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Add some Color

Creator Jacqueline Crowther is killing it with Local Color, her line of bright, bold  jewelry.  Not only are her pieces wonderful,  the clean and colorful photos on her site make the jewelry even more appealing. The fact that she is local to Atlanta like me, makes it even more special. Today I declare this my favorite Etsy shop. Enjoy!

Orange, olive and gray…a winning color combo.
Handmade Linen Coiled Nylon Earrings in Orange, Olive and Greylocalcolor2

Springy, tribal bracelet.
Tribal Inspired Beaded Wire Bracelet Set in Trendy Spring Colors

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Because Sometimes You Just Need an Affirmation…

Life is hard. Surround yourself with positive words. For example:



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