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About Craft Noire


Craft Noire was created by two sisters who love crafting, design, food and photography. Both sisters inherited an artistic eye and knack for design from their mother, Patricia, and ingenuity and skill for the handmade from their father, Wade.

Craft Noire is a craft and design blog dedicated to featuring the DIY, craft and creative work of women of color and to be a showcase for work that is created inspired, relevant or influenced by African, African-American, diaspora and hip hop culture. We welcome all and love your submissions. We’d love to hear from you!

Meet Craft Noire:


Erin Howey
Erin is a veterinary pathologist by day and crafter by night. She also runs a personal blog,




kianicole_cnKia Howey Dolby
Kia is an entrepreneur, online content producer and digital marketing specialist  worked in the craft industry for about 7 years.  You can find her at She lives in Atlanta with her husband, 3 boys, and dog Zeke.