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Revive/Renew: A Vintage Chair Redo

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I love giving vintage/thrift items a new life. And, yes, I tend to anthropomorphize objects.

*BOOM! Look at that big word that just made my student loan debt is totally worth it!*

My latest project was a chair that I actually bought a few years back but finally found the right inspiration to revamp.


When I first saw it, I loved it’s shape and unique design but the original paint job left much to be desired and the cushion was “well loved”.

IMG_0648 IMG_0647

Now, with a new paint job and a refinished cushion, it looks completely different. The pièce de résistance (I just made you bilingual…you can thank me later) was using a genuine burlap coffee sack (you can still smell the beans!!) to re-cover the cushion. This was found at Ecoworks in New Haven; an organization geared to provide discarded materials to local crafters, teachers, and artists at low cost for upcycling.

IMG_4542 IMG_4541
Now the chair sits pleasantly in my living room and both it, and I, couldn’t be happier!
So what are you going to upcycle today?


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