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Quick and Dirty Crafts: Fabric Covered Button Thumbtacks

chalkboard1I got this cute little chalkboard/bulletin board combo and wanted to jazz it up a bit so I made some button thumbtacks. You can make some too, or even button magnets!

chalkboard2 They are super easy and kind of fun to make. My son even go in the action and helped out. Here;s how to make them.

chalkboard5You’ll need:
Button covers
Thumbtacks or magnets

Glue Gun

1. Gather all your supplies. Use the template provided with your button covers to trace.
2. Cut out circles and wrap around button covers. Attach the back.
3. Dab button backs with hot glue and attach thumbtack. You can also make magnets if desired.


chalkboard4That’s it! I used this pretty wax print fabric, but you could use any kind you like.

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