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Make It – Jewelry Holder

I have had a long existing issue with what I call my jewelry drawer. At one point it was manageable, but As my jewelry collection grew, it just became a mess. I can never find two earrings that match and I am always untangling necklaces and bracelets. So I decided to tackle the problem by creating a big girl jewelry holder that would display all my pieces. Here’s how:

I found a simple frame. I wanted something that would hold quite a few pieces and was vertical. This one had a pretty picture, but I’ll use that for something else later. I wanted my jewelry holder to have an updated shabby chic look, so I used a distressing technique.
old frame
screen – purchased from hardware store
3 knobs
paint – 2 shades
  • I base coated the frame with a mustard color and let it dry.
  • I rubbed the areas I wanted to appear distressed with wax.
  • Next, I painted the frame cream and let it dry.
  • I sanded the frame lightly (the areas with wax will show more of the base color).
  • I did a wash with  a little of the cream paint, diluted with water as a final step,   and let it all dry.
  • I removed the frame backing and layered the screen and and fabric, and cut it a little bigger than needed. I placed the back of the frame back in place.
Finally, I added a few decorative knobs to the front of the frame for hanging my necklaces, and a few frame hangers on the back so I could hang it on the wall.
Et voila, all of my jewelry has a new home!



  1. Your big girl jewelry display is beautiful and some day I’ll have to do that. Really stunning.

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