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Craft Space Redo part 2: Glass Message Board


As you all can see from previous posts, I like message boards. Writing my ideas out in an area where I can visualize them every day helps to keep me organized. So I created this quick message board for my craft space to stay on track with projects!


  • Picture frame with glass (I chose a large size -16x20in)
  • Fabric
  • Chalk board pens
  • Scissors

Choose a fabric that you can easily see writing on. Tip: if you find a fabric you love but the pattern is too busy or the colors are too bright/dark, no worries! An overlay of tracing paper can be used to mute the pattern and help visualize the writing.


Cut the fabric to size to fit within the picture frame. Press the fabric to remove any wrinkles. Place the fabric within the frame and add padding to keep the fabric flat if necessary. There you have it! Chalk board pens or dry/wet erase markers can be used to write on the glass. Choose colors that pop!


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