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Mod podge sewing case

During my latest antique/vintage store digs I came across an old-school metal toolbox which I instantly got the idea to repurpose into a case to hold all of my new found sewing tools (I wasn’t playing when I said Mimi G inspired me!). It had lots of personality (read: bangs and nicks) and was a darling robin’s egg blue. I decided to keep the outside “as-is” but the inside was a little rusted so I felt the need to somehow cover the inner portion. Repaint? Nope. Contact paper? Unh-uh. Fabric mod podge? DING DING DING!! And of course I wanted to use some of the wax print fabric I had lying around.


My sister is more of the mod podge expert than I am, so this was a “let’s just wing it and hope I don’t waste my $10″ type of project. The fact that it made it to the blog and isn’t stashed under my bed is a sign that it went well.

Getting started, measure all of the dimensions of the inside of the box and draw out a template for the fabric allowing 1/4 inch for hangover all the way a around. This is to minimize the number of pieces to cut in order to get the smoothest continual covering possible. In total mine came out to four main pieces: the bottom, two sides and the inner lid.


IMG_0098IMG_3702Fabric cut for bottom panel

Next apply mod podge to the inside to the tool box and then apply the fabric, smoothing out any bubbles or folds. Let it dry overnight and then apply another layer of mod podge in order to get a glossy finish. Once the second coat is dry, cut off the excess fabric with an x-acto knife.


The finished project was cute storage box which can be used any way you like!


I also had a few empty mint tins which I spray painted with chalkboard paint. They now hold extra buttons, safety pins, and my measuring tapes.

IMG_3755 IMG_3757

Now that my sewing supplies are stored I can move on to more sewing projects!


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