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Craft space redo part 1: Desk Organizer to Corner shelf Conversion


I’ve always wondered who came up with the term “spring cleaning”. Spring is definitely a time to reset and refresh, almost like New Year’s, except minus the booze, midnight kissing, and empty promises to run half marathons and learn swahili…but I guess that comes with Spring Break (amiright??).

But I digress.

I took advantage of the advent of spring to fix up and reorganize my crafting space. Something long overdue since I could no longer keep track of all of my supplies. In doing so, I came up with several small projects which I’ll feature individually.


(Crazy mess of a crafting space)

The first is a corner shelving unit repurposed from a desk organizer. This is the perfect fix for those of you with limited wall space.


I found a fairly sturdy desk organizer/ file sorter and mounted brackets on both sides (originally the back and bottom). Then I turned it on it’s side and mounted it to the wall. I use the slide slot to file away my craft magazines/books, project sketches and sewing patterns. The drawer is now used to hold my crochet needles and now all of my buttons, embroidery thread, jewelry hardware and random small supplies are neatly stored in individual jars and stacked on the shelves. Hope you like the final product. More to come!


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