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Sewing inspiration: Mimi G Style

I’ve wanted to learn how to sew for a while, but the thought has always seemed a bit…daunting. Even after receiving a sewing machine as a present for Christmas I’ve still been hesitant (at least it’s out of the box and I’ve set it up…which is a feat within itself).

I needed some motivation.

Enter Mimi G.


I stumbled upon her site recently and became inspired! Mimi G is a west coast based fashion guru who displays her own style by effortlessly blending store bought items with handmade pieces she sews herself. She offers youtube tutorials demonstrating how to make very up to date, chic clothing items including jumpers, maxi dresses, skirts and blazers. Her step-by-step guides are easy to follow and show that there is no reason being crafty can’t be fashionable.

mimi g regal maxi mimi g dress tutorial

Check out her “Wanna Sew?” section for her backstory and wonderful tips on how to get started. She also recently released a mobile app for on-the-go viewing.

mimi g app

Now get to sewing! I know I am because I’m gonna rock that off the shoulder maxi by summer:)


  1. Yes! I’ve been sewing/designing garments for years now, and when I came across her blog a month or two ago I was blown away and inspired all at once. I really like and appreciate how she does things and has sooooo many people motivated to sew. It really is a wonderful skill. Plus she is so stylish.

    Great blog you have! :)

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