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Quick and dirty crafts- Lace earrings

IMG_3598While shopping at one of the local vintage stores in CT, I found some wonderful vintage lace that I couldn’t pass up. I have several ideas for it, but first on my list was a pair of earrings!



  • patterned lace
  • scissors
  • matching thread or liquid stitch
  • craft paint
  • earring hooks

1. Cut lace into desired shape, freeing up patterns if necessary


2. Reassemble lace if necessary by reattaching the individual patterns using needle and matching thread or liquid stitch. Be sure to stich on the back side only and layer individual patterns for added dimension.



3. Add a contrasting paint along the edges for a little oomph! Ombre or neon lace is trending right now.


4. Add earring hooks and rock in style!


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