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Ode to Alice..What we’ve been Up to


Here’s a little inside peak at what we’ve been up to…

Oh, Alice Smith. What more to say. We love you and my sister and I are plotting to join your tour. Do you need a pair of backup singers? A duo of personal assistants? Roadies? Shall we send our resumes? We work cheap…

Wait. Did someone say they don’t know Alice Smith? SMH.

It’s probably not your fault, it seems artists like her never get the attention that their talent warrants. So here is what you need to know.

1. To call her voice amazing would be like calling the sun big.
2. Whether singing a cappella, or being accompanied only by a keyboard or guitar, she KILLS
a live show.
3. She’s got the perfect combination of underplayed beauty, easy style and quirky personality.
4. She’s rock/soul/pop wrapped into one powerhouse performer. In short, she rocks.

You may ask, “What does this have to do with crafts?” and the answer is… ┬ánothing. But when you find an artist this good, you just wanna share with the world.

So Alice, give us call. Our bags are packed.

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