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we heart crafts

Inspired by Geek Chic


Once upon a time, geek was not cool (flashes to late 80’s  scene..Kia and Erin in glasses and braces… high IQs, questionable style…. shudders). But just like geek style, thankfully, we came into our own.  And finally, beauty and brains comfortably reside in the same place. Case in point, these pieces from some of our indie favorites.
1. Get your inner librarian on with funky eyeglass chains by Colored Girls Hustle.

2. Reminds me of my high school yearbook photo. Colette print by Pairabirds.

3. Young Gifted and Black – is where it’s at. By Rachel Stewart.

4. Bow tie for geeky gals or guys. Made by Dope Crochet.

5. Pen your messages on these nerdy note cards. By Yvonne 4 Eyes.

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