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Quick and Dirty Valentine’s Gifts for Friends – Pt2


Another quick gift idea for Valentine’s Day that you can make now! It will only take a few minutes (minus drying time).  This decorative plate is great for special treats or even to hold jewelry. And don’t forget to check out part 1.
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Quick and Dirty Crafts – Valentine’s Gifts for Friends Pt 1

Look what you can do for less than 5 dollars and not much more than 5 minutes.

Short on time, cash strapped, but still looking for ways to show your love? Yeah, me too. And thus the inspiration for this quick and dirty Valentine’s Gift. You really do have time to make this..really you do…BUT you need to get going now. Well now being after you read this post- and then get going. Idea #1 is this simple, cute wall hanger.

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What We are Up To

Here’s a little inside peak at what we’ve been up to…

Kia got snowed in by a whopping two inches of snow in Atlanta’s recent “Snowmargeddon,” barely surviving the three days she spent ‘snowed in’ with the boys. Erin got stuck in her driveway (tee hee), but faired better overall -mere snow does not phase her. But snow days in Atlanta and Connecticut gave us both more time for crafting!

* Erin is working on a special project..

details to come…

* Kia is making dragons for a special three year old birthday party. 

*Erin is crafting  to Emily King.

* Kia is listening to the new res album, Refried Mac. I mean we have only been waiting for a Res album for..forever!

Next week we’ll share our current reads..

Handmade events: LOVE Haven

love haven logoYesterday I took some time to stop by the LOVE Haven event here in New Haven, CT.  This event, organized by Melissa Gonzales of Vintanthromodern Vintage/ Vintathromobile, is part of a growing series of holiday-themed venues created to feature crafters, makers and artists from around Connecticut. Located at the historic Trolley Square, former repair site for the New Haven trolley system and Robby Len swimsuit factory, this building has now been reincarnated as a haven for unique retail, art and fitness businesses. Yesterday’s event centered around the theme of love, both for the upcoming Valentine’s day holiday as well as for the passion these artists exhibit for their craft. Here are a few pics from the event.    [Read more…]