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La NomRah Designs

This isĀ  my last post mentioning the words snow and Atlanta in the same sentence. Oh the trauma of the last few weeks! Living ‘down south’ makes me ill prepared for cold weather. I mean I have a coat and a few (count three) sweaters. For the few months of the year when the temps are moderately cool, I adapt. But for winters like this one, full of snow and freezing temps, I gotta do better. Enter warm and cozies by La NomRah Designs.



These fierce knit pieces are definitely on my winter wish list. Nikita Harmon is the creative entrepreneuress behind La NomRah Designs.
She is New York based but originally from the Caribbean. So she definitely gets the aesthetic I love for cool weather. In addition to knitted pieces, she also makes beautiful jewelry. Each piece is hand made with love. Check out her blog and support her on Etsy.

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