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Inspired by Wax Prints

inspiredby_wax printOne thing that you might have noticed by now on our site is that my sister and I love wax print fabrics! These fun eclectic patterns are a welcomed change from the more common/ overused fabric motifs (Chevron, anyone?).

Wax print, also known as Dutch or Holland wax print, is a common textile used in West Africa featuring a variety of bold, bright and geometric repeating patterns. Originally created in Indonesia during the Dutch occupation, textile makers used the fabric dyeing technique Batik resulting in a unique and non reproducible appearance to each bolt of fabric that is still desired today. In West African countries, the imported fabrics grew in popularity, becoming markers of status and often incorporating symbols of historical or proverbial significance.

Within past years, wax print fabrics have become prominent within the international fashion scene and are more commercially used in home decor. These fabrics are fun to incorporate into crafting projects and are fairly easy to find in larger metropolitan areas, mainly at shops that specialize in African imports.  Here are a few items that use this amazing fabric:

1. Weekender African coffee sack/wax print bag by WREN designs

2. Wax print origami keepsakes by SisterBatik

3. Wax print lined vintage trunk by Blanche Dyls Design

4. Wingback wax print upholstered chair by Anthropologie

5. Wax print bib necklace by Nad205

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