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Tshirt yarn (part 2)- How to make your own yarn!


After a pretty thorough search of the local craft/ fabric stores, I wasn’t able to find any pre-made t-shirt yarn. There are several online stores and etsy vendors who sell the yarn but who wants to wait several days for it to get it? This is the era of impatience, isn’t it?

So like any good crafter would do when faced with the lack of an item, I made my own! Making the yarn is pretty quick and easy and all it’ll cost you is a t-shirt or two depending on the amount of yarn you need. There are plenty of other tutorials online but here is my version.

Here’s what you need:

  • A cotton t-shirt (old or new, the larger the better, and preferably one without writing)
  • Scissors or rotary cutter


Place the t-shirt flat on your cutting surface. Smooth it out as much as possible with the front and back hemlines aligned.

step 1

Cut off the hem and across the body just below the sleeves. You should now have one continuous loop of fabric (hey! instant infinity scarf!)


Fold in half from left to right leaving about 1 inch of the bottom half exposed.

Starting from the bottom, cut the fabric into 1 inch strips (cutting any thinner will cause the fabric to break when stretched in later steps).  Make sure to cut through all the layers, including the edge of the top half. Make sure to leave the exposed inch of the bottom half intact.



To make one continuous strip, lay the uncut portion of fabric flat and cut diagonally between strips.

step 4

Yay! You now have one looooong strip of flat t-shirt fabric! “But how do I get that nice curled appearance?” you ask, “Magic?

No silly! Just pull  the fabric, applying a little bit of tension to stretch yarn and allow it to curl up on itself.

IMG_3486 IMG_3489

(Before Stretching)


(After Stretching)

There you go! T-shirt yarn! Now excuse me while I go make loads of this stuff.

Fun projects using the yarn will be posted soon!





  1. Hi
    I’m a graphic designer of an Israeli life style magazins.
    I wanted your permission to use the pictures of steps for making yarn
    from old shirts in our magazine.

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