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Inspired by Shibori

I’ve tried my hand at water colors and tie-dying…both ending in small disasters. Maybe I was trying to hard to create some specific image. Perhaps next time, I will try just creating an all over organic pattern the kind that I am seeing more and more on textiles for fashion and home.I didn’t realize until recently that this look and dyeing technique is called shibori. Shibori is a Japanese dying method that involves using tying  fabric in a variety of different ways with string and other materials, similar to tie dying. The end result is patterned, organic designs. Shibori is commonly done with indigo or other highly pigmented dyes. Here are some cool pieces that feature shibori.
1. Shibori dyed fabric framed in hoops. 2. Shibori pillow  3. Shibori dyed fabrics hanging out. 4.Beautiful shibori tank 5.Lattice shibori pillows by Rebecca Atwood