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Inspired by Fela’s Queens

Years ago I discovered Fela Kuti-and I was so upset that up until this point I had been missing out on Afrobeat music!  I have been happy to see that Fela’s music and funky aesthetic had gotten a lot more exposure and notoriety to folks of my generation. Fela was infamous, and so were his many Queens. Made up in funky makeup and clothes of beautiful patterns and shades  a la 1970’s Africa, the look of Fela’s queens has had a hug impact on pop culture.  Here are a few items influenced byFela’s Queeen’s that I think are great!
1. African Shorts and top by Tribal Groove on Etsy. 2. Original art work inspired by a Fela Queen by Sofia Maldona. 3. Classic  Fela T-shirt courtesy of 4. Pump it up with Antakara shoes by Trendy AfroFashions on Etsy.

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