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Make It- Mini Terrariums

Terrariums are wonderful micro-environments and are perfect conversation pieces and green accents for your home. They are ridiculously easy to make and a great project for kids! I was inspired by the glass terrariums available in the dollar section at Target… Only 3 dollars! (Step your game up dollar stores)


Things you will need:
Glass terrariums or any glass jar or bowl
Small stones
Potting soil
Small succulent plants

First start by adding a layer of small stones to promote draining.


Next add layers of sand and potting soil. Try to keep layers as neat as possible (remember, your gonna see them). I used a small funnel to help.


Add your succulents! That’s what the terrarium is all about right? Use ones of varied height to add some depth to your masterpiece. Poke a shallow hole into the soil before planting and build the soil up slightly around the plants.

Fill in any bare spots with moss or sand.


For added whimsy, add miniature items…cars, action figures, keepsakes…I added small birds and deer I found in the miniature/ doll house section of the craft store. Voila! Terrariums!

Upkeep is simple, mist or water every few days (dont let them dry out or over water). I’ve had mine going for a few months now. Amazing since my green thumb is brown 😉


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