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Revive/Renew: A Vintage Chair Redo

header photo revive renew chair post header

I love giving vintage/thrift items a new life. And, yes, I tend to anthropomorphize objects.

*BOOM! Look at that big word that just made my student loan debt is totally worth it!*

My latest project was a chair that I actually bought a few years back but finally found the right inspiration to revamp.
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DIY Cinnamon Ornaments and Gift Tags

header photo templateAren’t you tired of those cheesy store bought gift tags with the sad little snow flake or poinsettia leaves on them?  Don’t you want to wow your gift recipients not only with that perfect gift that they’ve been dreaming of, but with a bonus personalized memento that also shows off your gift wrapping skills? (yeah you are that kick-ass awesome) Then why not try out these cute, easy-to-make cinnamon clay gift tags that can double as ornaments once the “Great Wrapping Paper War of 2014″ a.k.a Christmas day is over.  [Read more…]

Quick and Dirty Crafts: Fabric Covered Button Thumbtacks

chalkboard1I got this cute little chalkboard/bulletin board combo and wanted to jazz it up a bit so I made some button thumbtacks. You can make some too, or even button magnets!

chalkboard2 They are super easy and kind of fun to make. My son even go in the action and helped out. Here;s how to make them.

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Make It – Jewelry Holder

I have had a long existing issue with what I call my jewelry drawer. At one point it was manageable, but As my jewelry collection grew, it just became a mess. I can never find two earrings that match and I am always untangling necklaces and bracelets. So I decided to tackle the problem by creating a big girl jewelry holder that would display all my pieces. Here’s how: