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Mod podge sewing case

During my latest antique/vintage store digs I came across an old-school metal toolbox which I instantly got the idea to repurpose into a case to hold all of my new found sewing tools (I wasn’t playing when I said Mimi G inspired me!). It had lots of personality (read: bangs and nicks) and was a darling robin’s egg blue. I decided to keep the outside “as-is” but the inside was a little rusted so I felt the need to somehow cover the inner portion. Repaint? Nope. Contact paper? Unh-uh. Fabric mod podge? DING DING DING!! And of course I wanted to use some of the wax print fabric I had lying around.


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Craft space redo part 1: Desk Organizer to Corner shelf Conversion


I’ve always wondered who came up with the term “spring cleaning”. Spring is definitely a time to reset and refresh, almost like New Year’s, except minus the booze, midnight kissing, and empty promises to run half marathons and learn swahili…but I guess that comes with Spring Break (amiright??).

But I digress.

I took advantage of the advent of spring to fix up and reorganize my crafting space. Something long overdue since I could no longer keep track of all of my supplies. In doing so, I came up with several small projects which I’ll feature individually. [Read more...]

Meet the Maker – Salkis Re

As you may have known, I have been putting out an all call on Twitter for artists and illustrators of color. I am so excited to have discovered several beautiful women artists that I plan to highlight here. When I first saw the big eyed darlings created by Salkis Re, I fell in love.


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Quick & Dirty Crafts – Fashionista Gift Wrap

Got a last minute gift to pull together, like for a BFF birthday party or a housewarming. I can’t help you with the gift…but I can show you a quick way to pull together a pretty package. Gather up some fashion magazines or photos of your friends and let’s go.


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