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Meet the Maker – Salkis Re

As you may have known, I have been putting out an all call on Twitter for artists and illustrators of color. I am so excited to have discovered several beautiful women artists that I want plan to highlight here. When I first saw the big eyed darlings created by Salkis Re, I fell in love.


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Quick & Dirty Crafts – Fashionista Gift Wrap

Got a last minute gift to pull together, like for a BFF birthday party or a housewarming. I can’t help you with the gift…but I can show you a quick way to pull together a pretty package. Gather up some fashion magazines or photos of your friends and let’s go.


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Quelly Rue Designs

I ran across this site a few days ago …and I love these items made by Quelly Rue Designs. I immediately wanted to dig deeper, so I reached out to the owner of Quelly Rue Designs, Raquel Dwomoh.


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Mod Podge Sheroes Desk Accessories

Who are your sheroes? I’ve been inspired by so many phenomenal women and having images of them helps to keep me motivated. When looking through some old magazines last week, I thought it would be cool to make a series of desk accessories with my favorite sheroes. I chose three women that embodied intelligence, leadership and talent. I found images of these lovely ladies:

Zora Neale Hurston-Harlem Renaissance writer, novelist and anthropologist
Nina Simone-Famous blues and jazz singer
Shirley Chisolm-First African-American female Congressman


I love each of these women for different reasons. Mostly their brain and talents but they all have an incredible sense of style.

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